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Tactical IT offers Block Time Service Agreements at a discounted hourly rate for clients who need consistent support throughout the year. Tactical IT can provide a complete package that assures your companies technological investments are consistently being maintained. This in turn lets your company meet its own business objectives.


All IT network environments require support to varying degrees. During times of normal operation only minimal system administration and support is required. This ensures that the system remains stable and continues to grow with the business. As issues arise within the network or users workstation, escalation procedures should engage support services to address the issue in accordance with the relative impact to the business. Finally there will be projects from time-to-time to facilitate specific functional increases or systems updates.

These varying degrees of support services should be easily available to you and management.

Tactical IT delivers prioritized services to you with the appropriate response time according to the level of service required.



System Integration


Web Development

Telephony/Surveillance Solutions