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When you contact Tactical IT, online or by phone, out technicians will be able to securely interface with your computer in your office, home, hotel, or other location via the web and resolve most common issues.  This will save you billing time instead of our coming to your office and saving you downtime.

As a Tactical IT client, you’ll have access to priority scheduling during business hours. Despite all of our best efforts, computers still break down from time to time (this is true for everyone in the industry).  Everything we do is designed to minimize emergency responses. But if something happens, we’re here for you.

Our team’s depth of resources allows us to respond quickly to any and all emergencies. By leaving us a voicemail after business hours, an on-call IT Manager will respond quickly. You will be called back and we will begin the troubleshooting process to resolve the issue remotely. If we need to come to your office, we will.

Rest assured, we continue to support you well beyond the initial installation. We are there when you need us, because we understand how critical IT support is for your business in those rare instances that it is needed.